BP today gave a further update on the situation at the In Amenas joint venture in Algeria and its response following the terrorist attack on the site early on Wednesday morning (16 January, 2013). 

At the time of the attack there were 18 BP employees at In Amenas. To respect the privacy of these individuals and their families, we cannot comment on their identities at this time. BP has been in close touch with the families of each of these employees since the incident began, offering support and providing them with available confirmed information. 

In addition to the BP employees, there were also a number of other personnel at the site contracted to the joint venture and other companies, many of whom have worked with and for BP for many years. 

Over the past four days, BP’s efforts have been focused on locating our people and ensuring their safety. Of our employees at the site, 14 are now confirmed safe and secure. Two have sustained injuries, but these are not life-threatening. 

However, so far, neither the authorities on the ground, international governments nor BP have been able to confirm the location or status of four of our employees. 

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